Winterberry: Putting the Red in Christmas Greenery


Wreaths and Christmas greenery are generally helped by a dash of a contrasting color. When we put together our Premium Christmas Wreaths here at Christmas Farms, one of our favorite ways to accent the green is with the bright red of the native winterberry plant, grown here in Michigan and across the American northeast.

Winterberry is a prized ornamental plant among American growers for the brilliant midwinter splash of color it brings from its densely packed berries. The dense display of berries stands out even more on its stems as the foliage drops off, making the berry-laden branches sans leaves a natural for use in floral and natural Christmas arrangements.

We use the winterberry in the Mackinaw Christmas wreath, our signature wreath. The bright red winterberry contrasts wonderfully with the lush green boxwood and softer shades of yellow cedar and blueberry juniper. The cuttings give the Mackinaw its depth and fullness, while the winterberry adds an accent of holiday cheer.

Other Christmas wreaths we make that feature the winterberry include the Great Lakes, Classic, Premium, Legend, and Fraser Winterberry Christmas Wreaths.

If want to try your hand at using winterberry in your own holiday arrangements, we offer the winterberry stems in lengths of 20 to 22 inches. We will ship them sleeved in bunches of four stems right to your door.

To complete your arrangements, we also offer a wide selection of greens that you can use with your winterberry. The options are yours to create a natural, fragrant, colorful setting for your home during the holidays.

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