3 Creative Uses For Premium Christmas Wreaths


Here at Premium Christmas Wreaths, we’re a little partial to wreaths! What a lot of people don’t realize is that wreaths can be a gorgeous, highly versatile addition to the home any time of the year. With their natural beauty and sweet, woodsy aroma, they can spruce up the appearance of any home and help to bring a little bit of the beauty of the outdoors inside. In this post, we’d like to look at a couple of the more novel uses for Christmas wreaths that our customers have introduced us to…

1. A unique “chandelier”

By suspending your Christmas wreath horizontally from the ceiling, you can create an elegant “chandelier” to hang in entryways, foyers, living rooms and more. Furthermore, you can amp up the allure by hanging additional fresh greens from ribbons or colorful twine.

2. A natural bird perch

Hanging a wreath outdoors from a tree branch or near a water source creates a charming little place for birds to gather. What better way to relax outdoors than near the sweet scents of pine and the pleasing melodies of songbirds?

3. A mantelpiece embellishment

Christmas wreaths are a great year-round wall decoration, especially as an eye-catching embellishment above your mantelpiece or fireplace. If you’d really like a show stopper, we recommend our Savannah Christmas Wreath as a way to accentuate and complement the darker tones of your wood or stone mantel.

At Christmas Farms, we want to spread the word: wreaths aren’t just for Christmas anymore! Whether you’re looking for a thoughtful corporate gift or you’d just like to create a cheerful atmosphere in your home, we have the wreaths that you need. Contact us today and we’d be happy to discuss the many uses that we’ve found for our Christmas wreaths and, hopefully, find a way to bring a little Christmas cheer into your life!

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