Highlight Your Christmas Decorations with Fresh Greens


Here at Premium Christmas Wreaths, we’re your source for holiday decorating essentials. From towering Christmas trees and festive wreaths to natural garland and decorative swags, we have all of your needs covered. Sometimes, however, you just want to add a little punch to your decorations, a small accent or a complement to your larger, more noticeable pieces. When that’s the case, we recommend taking a look at our selection of fresh greens. Fresh greens are a great way to enhance your decorative motifs without overpowering the statements made by your existing decorations.

Add a flash of color

Green, of course, will always been one of the dominant colors of Christmas. With so much of it, though, it becomes difficult to create distinction between your decorations. Our fresh greens come in a variety of colors, from vibrant red winterberry stems to the white borders of variegated holly, we can help you accentuate and draw attention to your larger showpieces.

Complement the fragrance of your decorations

Beyond the visual benefits, the fragrance of our greens can help to create a subtle, wintery atmosphere. The crisp scent of cedar, the decadent aroma of pepperberry and the spicy richness of fresh-cut pine can all contribute to a natural, comfortable atmosphere in your home or business.

At Premium Christmas Wreaths, we approach every season with hope and enthusiasm. Working diligently to refine and expand our offerings, we aim to create excitement. Whether it’s through towering Douglas firs or the more subdued elegance of our fresh greens, every product that we offer must pass a single test. When presented to someone, if we can see the excitement in their eyes, we know that the item has passed. If you’re aiming to decorate your space for the holiday season and you want to take things up a notch, give us a call and we’ll help you create a space that isn’t just beautiful, it’s exciting.

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