Discarded Christmas Trees Gain – and Give – New Life in Riverside, California

Fresh Christmas Trees

We all know that Premium Christmas Wreaths offers the best fresh Christmas trees in the business. But, after the season is over, what happens to all of those old, dried out trees? After being picked up, many of them are turned into mulch. Others are used as fuel in waste-to-energy plants. Some of them are simply sent to the landfill and forgotten. Well, that’s a shame! In Riverside, California, however, things are working a little differently as they’ve found an ingenious use for their residents’ discarded Christmas trees.

Searching for an innovative way to preserve landfill space, Riverside started looking at new ways to dispose of Christmas trees. They spoke to the Department of Fish and Game and, together, they found an opportunity. By sinking the trees into local lakes they’ve diverted the trees from the landfill and created habitats for countless small fish in the area. The trees, providing protection from predators, will help to ensure a healthy, safe population of fish in the area’s lakes that, in turn, can be fished by local fishermen and recreationists.

To accomplish this, the Department of Fish and Game worked with local landfills in Badlands, Blythe, and Lamb Canyon. They created a drop off program that made it easy for landfill workers to gather the trees and, even better, all they asked was that the trees be stripped of decorations, lights, and tinsel.

At Premium Christmas Wreaths, we love hearing stories like this! We’re overjoyed that fresh Christmas trees don’t just play a role in creating a bright, cheery Christmas but that even old, dry Christmas trees find new life, underwater! If you’re planning next year’s celebrations already, we encourage you to take a look at what we have to offer and bookmark our online shop!

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