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Fresh Christmas Trees Delivered

I remember when I was a kid, getting the family Christmas tree was a big deal.  We didn’t go quite as far as Clark Griswold and family, but it was wonderful.  My brothers and sisters, Mom and Dad, would pile into the family sedan, and head out to the country.  We’d tramp through a tree farm, in search of that one, special, perfect tree.  What seemed like hours later (probably no more than 20 minutes), rosy cheeks and with frostbitten toes, we’d climb back in the car while Dad tied the tree to the roof of the car. 

At home, Dad would put the tree in the stand, and strategically trim off a branch here or there, sculpting the tree like Michelangelo.  Mom would use the greens around the house.  The aroma of fresh evergreens would set the Christmas season indelibly in our minds. 

Things have changed.  I realized how much they had changed when my youngest son said he didn’t want to drive out to the country.  He was determined we could get a perfectly good (if not “the perfect”) tree at the lot around the corner.  While it was technically a “fresh” tree, we had no idea where it came from or when it was cut. 

It seems today, as hectic as life has become, we have a choice:  We can use artificial greens, or we can get “fresh” who-knows-where they’re from and who-knows-when they were cut trees and greens.

There is another choice.  Premium Fresh Christmas Wreaths will deliver fresh wreaths, garlands, greens and trees from our snow-covered farm in Michigan.  Fast and simple free delivery to your door ensures fresh, fragrant decorations for your holiday home, or gifts that will be treasured by friends and family throughout the holiday season.

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