Simplify Your Corporate Christmas Tree Trimming With A Clever Theme


Beyond the natural beauty of a fresh Christmas tree and the amazing scent, they’re the perfect traditional backdrop to all holiday decorating. Whether you’re decorating you first fresh evergreen at work, or ready to refresh last year’s decorations, there are many fun ideas that tie in with your business for a themed tree. Themed trees can make decorating easier when the central idea is simple – and some themes can reduce storage with recyclable ornaments or ornaments that are easily gifted.

Use your corporate colors. Choosing a simple theme for your tree will help with ornament selection and with the process of decorating the tree. Starting with your corporate colors, work with monochromatic lights and a secondary color in bulbs to give the tree a classic look. Another great tie in with your work can be ornaments that mimic tools or skills you offer. Bakeries can decorate with gingerbread, construction companies can have miniature heavy duty equipment, and dentists can hang tiny toothbrushes or smiling faces.

One of the many benefits of having a Christmas tree delivered for the holidays is that it can be recycled when the new year rolls around. You may choose to store and reuse your lights and other decorations, but you can also plan to recycle or gift the ornaments as well. In the examples above, the ‘gingerbread’ can be a dog biscuit recipe that is donated to an animal shelter or shared with customers with a pooch. If your construction company buys toy diggers instead of ornaments, they can be donated to a children’s charity, and dentists that donate travel toothbrushes and floss samples are greatly appreciated at homeless shelters. In some cases, these donations can also be claimed as a taxable deduction.

However you choose to decorate this holiday season, know that having a fresh Christmas tree delivered at work or at home will add a special touch to your celebrations. We ship anywhere in the continental United States from our farm in Michigan. Contact us to schedule your delivery – and let us know about your favorite Christmas theme ideas.

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