Keeping It Green – Caring For Your Live Christmas Trees & Wreaths

live christmas tree

If you’re cheerfully displaying one of our beautiful live Christmas trees or wreaths and want to make it last as long as possible, we’ve got some helpful tips for you. You may swear by the White Pine or the Douglas Fir as the best tree, or go for some piney variety with the Four Firs Wreath – but each of our fresh pine products need some specialty care. Made from live plants grown on our farm in Michigan, they need to be kept cool and watered for the best longevity. Follow these simple tips for great results:

Keep It Cool. With both wreaths and trees, you’ll want to display your festive decorations away from direct heat sources. These include heating vents, radiators, and direct sunlight. In the northern states, that might mean hanging your wreath on an exterior door or wall, or placing your tree in a room that can be climate controlled to be cooler. In southern states, keeping your greenery inside in air conditioning is a great call.

Keep It Hydrated. Similar to a houseplant, your Christmas greenery needs to be kept hydrated. When you order a tree to be delivered, we recommend that you cut a 1-inch disk from the bottom of the trunk to renew your trees ability to uptake water through its vascular network. In a pinch, you can drill holes around the base to make some openings too. A wreath needs a little different treatment. If kept outdoors in a colder environment, they won’t need to be watered, but if they’re inside a heated office or home they’ll need to be misted. Misting daily, or as close to that as possible, will keep your wreath looking great longer.

Keep It Fun. These tips are meant to help you get the most out of your fresh greenery. We hope you’re enjoying your holiday season and that the delivery of a live Christmas tree or wreath has made your festivities even brighter!

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