What To Do With Your Fresh Christmas Tree When The Holidays Are Over

recycle fresh christmas trees

If you had a fresh Christmas tree for the holidays, you may be wondering if there are any creative ways to dispose of them that doesn’t send them to a landfill. The good news is, yes! There are a lot of ways to repurpose these special decorations that played such an important part in our holiday celebrations. Here are 6 ideas to upcycle your holiday greenery:

1. Compost: There are a couple ways to accomplish this, some people cut the tree into small pieces and add it to an existing compost bin. Others leave the tree intact and add compost on top. The latter is a bit slower, but less labor intensive to begin with. This is a great choice for wreaths.

2. Make a home for small animals. Place your entire tree in a location where the branches can provide some protection from the weather and predators. Placing them at the base of a bird feeder will protect smaller birds from hawks.

3. Firewood: Cutting up pine and using it in a fire pit is a quick and easy way to quickly dispose of your greenery. It’s best to burn outside, as pine burns quickly and creates a lot of soot which causes buildup in your chimney.

4. Chip It and Mulch It: If you have access to a chipper, you can feed your greenery through and spread the results around your yard. If you would like, you can also just clip the boughs and spread them in areas you want to prevent weeds.

5. Create a Bee House: The trunk of your Christmas tree can be drilled with ¼ inch holes for bees to move in and inhabit. We like this idea as we all want to do whatever we can to grow our pollinator populations.

6. Crafting: Wow, a quick search of Pinterest will give you never ending ideas for ways to turn branches into gnomes and other woodland creatures!

However you choose to dispose of your tree, we hope you had a wonderful holiday season and we look forward to hearing which method you chose!

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