Christmas Wreaths: Not Just a Winter Occasion

christmas wreaths

With winter finally reaching an end, many families are preparing to, or have already, taken down their Christmas wreaths until the holiday season returns. However, if your door appears a little too bare, or you’re feeling a certain lack of decoration around your home this spring, then it may be time to repurpose that wreath before it gets boxed for the year.

Colors of spring

The dull, gray tones of winter can wear anyone down, so why not overcome the fatigue of a colorless season by bringing out the bright, fresh greens of a Christmas wreath? If you can’t wait for the joy of spring and the dynamic colors that come with it, you may want to leave that wreath up a little longer. That wreath may reinvigorate you, and help you get a head start on a fresh, green springtime.

Flowers of spring

If the bright red of a bow seems a little too “Christmas,” then why not think about adding a little more color to your wreath’s palette? If there is one thing that spring is known for, it’s flowers. Flowers can be a simple and effective way to turn your Christmas wreath into a beautiful spring wreath. The lively green of our boxwood Christmas wreath may stand out as a beautiful spring wreath on its own, but add in daffodils, tulips, or even roses, and suddenly your Christmas wreath is a rainbow of color that is ready for springtime.

Personalization matters

Possibly the best part of transforming your own wreath is your ability to design it exactly how you prefer. With our simple and elegant wreath designs, you can make your ideal spring wreath to fit whatever needs you may have.

At Christmas Farms, we offer only the highest quality wreaths that are sure to please. We take care in making sure all our customers have everything to fill their needs.

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