Lose the Hassle of Needles with Boxwood Garland

Boxwood Garland

If you’re tired of scratchy needles year after year and don’t want to get a store-bought, artificial decoration, then boxwood garland may be the perfect decoration for you. Showing up more and more in high end design magazines and making an appearance on decoration shows, boxwood is becoming a popular choice for decoration in winter and other seasons too! With the freedom of a length of boxwood garland, you can wrap almost anything and everything, making your home a beautiful holiday work of art.

The perfect color

The holiday season is all about bright colors during a bleak winter, and our boxwood garland can help you spread that colorful cheer. With its vibrant green leaves, boxwood garland is sure to brighten any dull-looking home. Whether it’s on its own or paired with other colors, boxwood garland from Premium Christmas Wreaths will look great for you.

No needles, no problem

With boxwood garland, you won’t have to worry about the cleanup that sometimes comes with needles from pine, fir, and other garlands. Even when the time comes for your live garland to start dying out, with boxwood garland, leaves are an easy pickup that won’t come with the risk of poking yourself like with needles. They’re also easier to spot during cleanup and have less of a chance to go unnoticed, only to end up being stepped on later.

Giving you choices

Although boxwood garland looks great on its own, we at Premium Christmas Wreaths like to give you options. Our boxwood roping and premium boxwood garland are the perfect garland if all you want is boxwood, but our classic mix with boxwood and boxwood pine garland give you a mixture of boxwood with the classics of pine, giving a beautiful combination garland you’re sure to love.

At Premium Christmas Wreaths, we’re bringing you the best Christmas trees, Christmas wreaths, and more right out of west Michigan. For the best holiday experience, visit our farm or contact us today!

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