Appeal to the Senses with a Square Christmas Wreath

Square Christmas Wreath

Whether you’ll be celebrating Christmas in July, or just can’t wait for next holiday season before planning what decorations you’ll be hanging, you’ll want to check out a mixed green square Christmas wreath from Christmas Farms. Located in Hartford, Michigan, Christmas Farms brings you the best premium Christmas wreaths, trees, and more that are sure to please the senses.

A classic look

When you order the square mixed greens Christmas wreath, you are ordering a wreath that has the beautiful, classic look that old fashioned wreaths are known for. With a fir base to provide a lush fullness and yellow cedar and blueberry juniper to provide a contrast of color and texture, your square Christmas wreath will hang beautifully no matter where you put it.

Smell the difference

Used for their attractive scent in oil diffusers, hand soaps, and more, both the fir base and juniper accents of our square mixed greens Christmas wreath will not only look great but smell great too. When it comes to decorating, Christmastime is all about the holiday aesthetic, and, with the smells from your square Christmas wreath, your decorations will be better than ever before. Our wreaths are all fresh, meaning your favorite Christmas scents will smell great through the season.

Get it in time

Through UPS, we can deliver our products to anywhere in the continental United States, so anyone can enjoy our Christmas wreaths and the pleasure of the holidays they bring. There’s nothing better than having the right decorations to make your home really feel like it’s the holidays, and with premium wreaths by Christmas Farms, you’re sure to get just that.

With over 100 acres of Christmas trees and a variety of wreaths, garland, and more, Christmas Farms is the best place for you to get all your holiday decorations. No matter if it’s a tree for your home or a group of wreaths for corporate gift-giving, Christmas Farms is here to help.

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