How to Best Hang Your Christmas Wreath for the Holidays

Christmas Wreath

With it being only a month away from the holidays, it’s coming to be time to get yourself a Christmas wreath for the season. With different styles, colors, and greens available, Premium Wreaths by Christmas Farms has a variety of options for you that can be hung in different ways to accent their best parts in the most effective way.

Decorative hanging

When deciding on where to hang your Christmas wreath, you can add extra color, material, and more to make your decoration as exciting as possible. One simple, great way of achieving this with your wreath is by hanging it with a band of ribbon. This ribbon can compliment the colors of your wreath or even match it, giving your wreath the perfect look for the holiday season. Simply measure out the distance you need on your door or window, center your wreath, staple gun the ribbon into the top of the door, and your ribbon-hanging holiday wreath is ready to go!

Alternative holds

Don’t want to staple your door, or door made from a material that staples won’t work on? That’s okay! Other options available can range from simple attaching command-strip hook to your door to using an over-the-door hanger. With the right tools, you can even apply a magnetic hook to your door for a strong, invisible hold on your wreath. Whatever innovative methods you can come up with to hang your Christmas wreath, don’t forget they can be done in ways that accent your perfect wreath from Premium Wreaths by Christmas Farms.

With years of experience crafting Christmas wreaths, Premium Wreaths by Christmas Farms are some of the best decorations you can bring to your home this coming holiday season. Make sure to contact us soon to ensure you get the Christmas wreath you’re looking for!

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