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All About Douglas Firs, America’s Most Popular Christmas Tree


Going by a number of names, including red fir, Douglas spruce, and Oregon pine, the Douglas Fir has long been the country's most beloved Christmas tree. If you grew up in a home that celebrated Christmas, there's a very good chance that – at one point or another – you had one of these beautiful trees in your living room. Known for their soft, greenish-blue needles and their sweet, citrusy fragrance, Douglas Firs are strong and offer good needle retention. Because of this, they can withstand the weight of copious amounts of ornaments and – better yet – they won't leave a carpet of needles on your living room floor!

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Why Do Evergreens Stay Green All Year Round?

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Evergreens are a beacon of hope in the middle of winter, something green amid the gray skies and white landscapes. But why? How are they able to stay green while deciduous trees (oaks, maples, birch, etc.) lose their leaves in the fall? Both evergreens and deciduous trees get their green color from chlorophyll, which is required for photosynthesis, the process which plants use to make their food. It requires both sunlight and water. In the fall, when days get short, and less sunlight is available, deciduous trees lose their chlorophyll, the green fades, and the color show begins. But as the leaves dry out, the fading continues, and the leaves eventually drop.

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