fraser fir christmas tree

Learn About the Fraser Fir, Another Classic Christmas Tree


Today we focus on the Fraser Fir, another hugely popular and classic Christmas tree. As part of the fir family, it is also referred to as the Southern Balsam or the Southern Balsam Fir (as well as being misspelled as Frasier, Frazer, or Frazier). One if its more interesting names is “She Balsam,” named due to the resin-filled blisters on the tree’s trunk that you could “milk” for resin.

The Fraser Fir Christmas tree has a symmetrical shape and very tapered, sometimes described as an upside-down cone. The needles are soft and short, deep green on the top and a silverfish-blue on the bottom. The branches are strong with a sweet fragrance, and it has excellent needle retention. Due to the branches turning slightly upward, it has somewhat of a compact appearance. Here’s some more interesting facts:

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