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Farming Is A Year Round Adventure, Even For Christmas Trees

Christmas Tree Farm

Although we often picture Christmas trees dusted with snow or festooned with lights and ornaments, here at Christmas Farms we nurture them through their entire life cycle. As farmers, the summer is our growing season, a time when we plant new trees and nurture our spruce, fir and pine. With more than 100,000 trees in the ground at any given time, our summer season is our time of preparation.

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Discarded Christmas Trees Gain – and Give – New Life in Riverside, California

Fresh Christmas Trees

We all know that Premium Christmas Wreaths offers the best fresh Christmas trees in the business. But, after the season is over, what happens to all of those old, dried out trees? After being picked up, many of them are turned into mulch. Others are used as fuel in waste-to-energy plants. Some of them are simply sent to the landfill and forgotten. Well, that's a shame! In Riverside, California, however, things are working a little differently as they've found an ingenious use for their residents' discarded Christmas trees.

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