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Leave an Impression This Year with Corporate Christmas Gifts from Premium Christmas Wreaths

Corporate Christmas Gifts

It's not quite that time of year, just yet, but we all know that department stores are already planning their Christmas decorations so... shouldn't you be planning this year's corporate Christmas gifts? Without a doubt, you have a lot of options available. There's the old standby, chocolate, but what about clients with dietary restrictions or allergies? There's the easy route, gift certificates, but isn't something a little more personal in order? Thankfully, Premium Christmas Wreaths has you covered! With a range of thoughtful gifts available, you can really make an impression on your clients this year and, better yet, you can do it easily and affordably!

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Tips for Finding the Right Christmas Tree for Your Home

Fresh Christmas Tree

Next year, when you're looking for a Christmas tree, the team at Premium Christmas Wreaths encourages you to have a plan! We've been in the business for a long time and, knowing how difficult the process can be, we've compiled a few helpful tips that we hope will make the selection process a little bit easier for you. Whether you're looking for a towering Douglas Fir or a more subdued White Spruce, we've got the answers – and suggestions – that you need to make choosing the right Christmas tree a breeze!

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Enjoy Fresh Christmas Wreaths Delivered to Your Doorstep

Fresh Christmas Wreaths Delivered

Every year, the team at Premium Christmas Wreaths searches for the absolute best components for our fresh Christmas wreaths. Whether we're growing our own Fraser firs or sourcing cheerful exotic fruits, we incorporate only the freshest, most vibrant components. Because of this, many people assume that our wreaths won't travel well or that they will lose their "freshness" during shipment. Well, we're happy to dispel this myth! Our wreaths are designed, from day one, to endure transport across the entire country.

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Four Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Mistletoe


Hanging mistletoe at Christmas is a tradition for many American families. At Christmastime if you're caught under the mistletoe, which is usually trimmed with evergreens, ribbons, and other ornaments, you cannot refuse a kiss. Legend has it that the plant has the ability to give enhanced fertility to the smoochers below it, as well as being considered a 'plant of peace' which would squelch even the most hostile disputes. In this post we're going to talk about some very surprising mistletoe facts.

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Corporate Gifts Made Easy with Premium Christmas Wreaths

Corporate Gift

Every year, corporations agonize over the perfect gift for their most valued clients, customers, connections and employees. Chocolate is a common choice but... what if the recipient is on a diet or – worse yet – allergic? Gift certificates are an option but... don't they seem a bit like an afterthought? These questions – and others – rear their heads every year. And, every year, corporations devote unnecessary time to mulling over the various options. Well, this year, why not make your decision easy? Premium Christmas Wreaths offers an extensive line of thoughtful items – perfect for corporate gifts – that are certain to leave an impression with the people that are valuable to your company.

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A Fresh Wreath for Every Occasion and How to Pick the One for You

Christmas Decorations

Every year, the team at Premium Christmas Wreaths assembles the most unique collection of fresh Christmas wreaths that we can muster. Aiming to please our wide base of customers, we look for traditional options and quirky options, miniature options and massive options. Because of the breadth of our offerings, we're confident that we carry a wreath for every occasion. Whether you're decorating your home for the season or sprucing up cubicles for a festive office party, we know that we've got the wreath that you need. In this post, we're going to look at a few of our options and discuss how they can be the perfect addition to your Christmas decorating scheme.

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Three Ways That Premium Christmas Wreaths Offers Superior Service


Every year, Premium Christmas Wreaths offers a selection of the world's best wreaths, Christmas trees and holiday decorations. Because of the annual nature of our products, we've come to rely on earing the business of repeat customers. Whether it's CEOs and salespeople purchasing corporate gifts for their most valuable clients or families looking for a majestic Douglas fir to adorn their living room, we aim to offer the largest selection of Christmas trees and wreaths while also providing a superior level of service to every one of our customers. In this post, we're going to look at what you can expect when you celebrate the holiday season with products from Premium Christmas Wreaths.

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Thank Your Clients with a Thoughtful Corporate Gift from Premium Christmas Wreaths

Corporate Gift

When the holiday season rolls around, you should have a plan in place to show your appreciation to all of the wonderful clients that make your business successful. Sure, there are gift certificates... but aren't those a bit impersonal? And there's always chocolate... but how can you be sure the recipient doesn't have a food allergy or dietary restriction? One of the most thoughtful, memorable gifts that you can give during the Christmas season is a handcrafted, natural wreath from Premium Christmas Wreaths.

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Christmas Trees Pave the Way on the Mackinac Ice Bridge

Christmas Tree Bridge

Snowmobilers in the state are anxiously awaiting the formation of the Mackinac Ice Bridge, a naturally forming ice path between mainland Michigan and Mackinac Island. Solid enough to drive a snowmobile across, it offers an exciting – and unique – way to visit one of our state's most interesting destinations. But how do riders know that the path is safe? More importantly, how are they guided along the admittedly treacherous route?

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Need Help Choosing the Right Christmas Tree for Your Home?

Christmas Tree

Fraser fir, balsam fir, concolor fir, douglas fir, blue spruce and scotch pine… the options for your home’s Christmas tree are vast and, occasionally, confusing if you aren’t sure what you’re looking for. Thankfully, the team at Premium Christmas Wreaths is experienced in both growing amazing Christmas trees and helping our customers find the perfect tree to fill their space. In this post, we’re going to lay out some of the major differences between the most popular trees and, hopefully, help you decide what option best suits your home.

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The Top Five Corporate Gifts From Premium Christmas Wreaths

Christmas Wreath

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking of ways to reward your loyal clients, patrons and employees. Premium Christmas Wreaths offers an extensive selection of amazing corporate gifts that are all guaranteed to please! Free from the common worries of finding a gift that respects food allergies, dietary restrictions and personal preferences, our fresh Christmas wreaths and decorations are always a great way to make an impression. In this post, we’re going to look at the top five corporate gifts available this season in our online shop.

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Get In the Christmas Spirit with Fresh Christmas Wreaths Delivered Right to Your Door

Christmas Wreath Delivery

As the cold weather settles in and the colors of fall begin to overtake the trees, people across the country are starting to plan their Christmas decorations. Whether you’re a devotee of light, minimal adornments or you’re a whole-hog, deck-the-halls type, fresh Christmas wreath delivery can simplify your decorating routine and get your home – or office – prepped for the Christmas season.

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5 Tips for Christmas Tree Safety from Christmas Farms

Christmas Tree Safety

Every year, roughly 230 home fires begin due to poorly managed Christmas trees. While common sense can go a long way toward preventing these fires, the National Fire Protection Association publishes a yearly list of advice for tree owners. Whether you have a classic Douglas fir or a “wiskpy” white pine, it pays to take a few simple precautions when setting up your tree for the year. In this post, we’d like to talk about five Christmas tree safety tips that will help to keep you, your home and your family safe.

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3 Creative Uses For Premium Christmas Wreaths


Here at Premium Christmas Wreaths, we’re a little partial to wreaths! What a lot of people don’t realize is that wreaths can be a gorgeous, highly versatile addition to the home any time of the year. With their natural beauty and sweet, woodsy aroma, they can spruce up the appearance of any home and help to bring a little bit of the beauty of the outdoors inside. In this post, we’d like to look at a couple of the more novel uses for Christmas wreaths that our customers have introduced us to…

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Highlight Your Christmas Decorations with Fresh Greens


Here at Premium Christmas Wreaths, we’re your source for holiday decorating essentials. From towering Christmas trees and festive wreaths to natural garland and decorative swags, we have all of your needs covered. Sometimes, however, you just want to add a little punch to your decorations, a small accent or a complement to your larger, more noticeable pieces. When that’s the case, we recommend taking a look at our selection of fresh greens. Fresh greens are a great way to enhance your decorative motifs without overpowering the statements made by your existing decorations.

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Guide to the Best Wreaths to Give as Corporate Gifts


Every year, Christmas Farms sends thousands of Christmas wreaths to companies and individuals across the country. With many of these being given as corporate gifts, we think that it’s important to highlight the benefits of some of our more popular wreaths. Whether you’re looking for a fragrant, traditional wreath or a colorful, festive wreath, we hope that this guide will help you pick the perfect Christmas wreath to give to your staff.

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The Most Popular Christmas Tree Decorations


Whether you’ve opted for a towering Douglas fir or a classic Fraser fir, your choice of Christmas trees says a lot about you. Often, though, what rests within your tree’s branches can say as much about your Christmas spirit as the branches themselves.

Even before the invention of glass baubles by Hans Greiner in the late 1500s, people have adorned their trees with all manner of holiday decorations. Dried pastries, fresh apples, fiberboard cutouts and plastic trinkets… the possibilities are truly endless. Today, we’re going to look at a couple of the most enduring designs and how they can be used to embellish your Christmas tree.

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Holly: Ornamental and Ancient


Holly is a genus of diminutive evergreen trees that features smooth, shortened branches. Capable of growing in any temperate zone, the most unique species can be found in the Americas and Southeast Asia.

Holly’s history traces back millions of years and fossil records indicate that the plant was already widespread and established well over 66 million years ago. Its ornamental use, however, has slowly accumulated and evolved throughout the years.

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Learn About the Fraser Fir, Another Classic Christmas Tree


Today we focus on the Fraser Fir, another hugely popular and classic Christmas tree. As part of the fir family, it is also referred to as the Southern Balsam or the Southern Balsam Fir (as well as being misspelled as Frasier, Frazer, or Frazier). One if its more interesting names is “She Balsam,” named due to the resin-filled blisters on the tree’s trunk that you could “milk” for resin.

The Fraser Fir Christmas tree has a symmetrical shape and very tapered, sometimes described as an upside-down cone. The needles are soft and short, deep green on the top and a silverfish-blue on the bottom. The branches are strong with a sweet fragrance, and it has excellent needle retention. Due to the branches turning slightly upward, it has somewhat of a compact appearance. Here’s some more interesting facts:

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The History of the Christmas Tree

Victorian Christmas Tree

As you may have guessed, the tradition of the Christmas tree extends back hundreds of years. Yet, like most traditions, it’s hard to really tell when the tradition precisely began. The first written record of a decorated Christmas tree comes from 1510 in Riga, Latvia. It was decorated with roses in the marketplace by members of the local merchants’ guild and was meant to be a symbol of the Virgin Mary.

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Scotch Pine: Festive but not Native


The Scotch, or Scots, Pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) is extremely popular in the United States for Christmas trees, but despite the wide range of places they are grown in the US, they are not native to our land. The tree species was originally introduced by European settlers and is native to Europe and parts of Asia. Although it grows well in the United States, it fairs much better in its natural habitat.

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White Pine: The Largest Pine in the United States

White Pine

The white pine (Pinus Strobus L) holds a special place in our hearts at Christmas Tree Farms because it is the state tree of Michigan (and also of Maine). But actually, the white pine can be found in an abundant of enivronments all over the country. Also known as the eastern white pine, northern white pine, Weymouth pine, and soft pine, it can survive in very boggy areas as well as rocky areas, but it’s most ideal place to grow is in moist, sandy loam soils.

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Douglas Fir Facts - Learn More About This Popular Christmas Tree

If you’ve grown up with the tradition of having a fresh-cut Christmas tree in yo

If you’ve grown up with the tradition of having a fresh-cut Christmas tree in your home, it’s likely that at some point you’ve had a Douglas Fir. According to the National Christmas Tree Association, the Douglas-fir tree species (Pseudotsuga menziesii) has widely been the most popular for Christmas trees in the United States since the 1920s, today being shipped to the majority of states including Hawaii, and also Guam and Asia.

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The Season May Have Passed, but Christmas Trees Still Have Something to Give


The question always comes up each Christmas season, most often at season’s end shortly after New Years. “How can I recycle my Christmas tree?”

The question comes from people who want to do the environmentally the right thing, or maybe they’re just sad about taking a tree that gave them such beauty and joy during the season and throwing it in the trash. Recycling is a much better choice by extending the value and purpose of the tree beyond a few weeks.

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Time to relax after a great holiday season


Happy New Year, everyone!

The holiday rush is over, and here at Christmas Farms, we’re taking a few days to relax, take an extra mug of coffee or hot chocolate, put our feet by the fire and watch the first snow of 2015 fall on our acres of trees waiting for their time to be harvested.

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It’s not too late to order a Christmas Wreath or Tree


Have you been meaning to give us a call in November but you just didn’t get around to it? Or maybe you decided to buy a tree from a neighborhood lot, but the selection last weekend already looked picked over and the trees remaining looked dried out. That’s when you wished you had given Premium Wreaths by Christmas Farms a call.

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Winterberry: Putting the Red in Christmas Greenery


Wreaths and Christmas greenery are generally helped by a dash of a contrasting color. When we put together our Premium Christmas Wreaths here at Christmas Farms, one of our favorite ways to accent the green is with the bright red of the native winterberry plant, grown here in Michigan and across the American northeast.

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Is Christmas tree delivery right for you?


Why should I have my Christmas tree delivered?

That’s cheating, isn’t it?

For people who haven’t tried it, or even realized they could have a tree delivered, ordering a tree online and have it show up on your doorstep in a few days seems like an unauthorized shortcut in the season’s traditional if not mandatory hustle and bustle. They don’t think Santa would approve.

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Ancient Traditions Lead to Modern Christmas Wreaths

Christmas Wreath

Christmas and Advents wreaths are the essence of Christmas holiday traditions, though in fact, the tradition has been around longer than Christmas.

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Wreaths a Thoughtful yet Easy Gift for Business Connections

Christmas Gift idea

The Business Christmas-Gift List: It comes around every year, yet you annually agonize over what to give loyal customers and clients, or to valuable associates and employees. Do you fear your gifts look like afterthoughts (and admit it, maybe they are). Did some find last year’s gift a tad tasteless? Speaking of taste, how were you to know when you gave your biggest client a box of chocolates that he was going on a diet?

Are you looking upon filling this year’s list with dread?

Maybe your competition is filling her gift list with a single phone call or an online order to Premium Wreaths by Christmas Farms.

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