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Learn About the Fraser Fir, Another Classic Christmas Tree


Today we focus on the Fraser Fir, another hugely popular and classic Christmas tree. As part of the fir family, it is also referred to as the Southern Balsam or the Southern Balsam Fir (as well as being misspelled as Frasier, Frazer, or Frazier). One if its more interesting names is “She Balsam,” named due to the resin-filled blisters on the tree’s trunk that you could “milk” for resin.

The Fraser Fir Christmas tree has a symmetrical shape and very tapered, sometimes described as an upside-down cone. The needles are soft and short, deep green on the top and a silverfish-blue on the bottom. The branches are strong with a sweet fragrance, and it has excellent needle retention. Due to the branches turning slightly upward, it has somewhat of a compact appearance. Here’s some more interesting facts:

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The History of the Christmas Tree

Victorian Christmas Tree

As you may have guessed, the tradition of the Christmas tree extends back hundreds of years. Yet, like most traditions, it’s hard to really tell when the tradition precisely began. The first written record of a decorated Christmas tree comes from 1510 in Riga, Latvia. It was decorated with roses in the marketplace by members of the local merchants’ guild and was meant to be a symbol of the Virgin Mary.

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Scotch Pine: Festive but not Native


The Scotch, or Scots, Pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) is extremely popular in the United States for Christmas trees, but despite the wide range of places they are grown in the US, they are not native to our land. The tree species was originally introduced by European settlers and is native to Europe and parts of Asia. Although it grows well in the United States, it fairs much better in its natural habitat.

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White Pine: The Largest Pine in the United States

White Pine

The white pine (Pinus Strobus L) holds a special place in our hearts at Christmas Tree Farms because it is the state tree of Michigan (and also of Maine). But actually, the white pine can be found in an abundant of enivronments all over the country. Also known as the eastern white pine, northern white pine, Weymouth pine, and soft pine, it can survive in very boggy areas as well as rocky areas, but it’s most ideal place to grow is in moist, sandy loam soils.

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Douglas Fir Facts - Learn More About This Popular Christmas Tree

If you’ve grown up with the tradition of having a fresh-cut Christmas tree in yo

If you’ve grown up with the tradition of having a fresh-cut Christmas tree in your home, it’s likely that at some point you’ve had a Douglas Fir. According to the National Christmas Tree Association, the Douglas-fir tree species (Pseudotsuga menziesii) has widely been the most popular for Christmas trees in the United States since the 1920s, today being shipped to the majority of states including Hawaii, and also Guam and Asia.

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The Season May Have Passed, but Christmas Trees Still Have Something to Give


The question always comes up each Christmas season, most often at season’s end shortly after New Years. “How can I recycle my Christmas tree?”

The question comes from people who want to do the environmentally the right thing, or maybe they’re just sad about taking a tree that gave them such beauty and joy during the season and throwing it in the trash. Recycling is a much better choice by extending the value and purpose of the tree beyond a few weeks.

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Time to relax after a great holiday season


Happy New Year, everyone!

The holiday rush is over, and here at Christmas Farms, we’re taking a few days to relax, take an extra mug of coffee or hot chocolate, put our feet by the fire and watch the first snow of 2015 fall on our acres of trees waiting for their time to be harvested.

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It’s not too late to order a Christmas Wreath or Tree


Have you been meaning to give us a call in November but you just didn’t get around to it? Or maybe you decided to buy a tree from a neighborhood lot, but the selection last weekend already looked picked over and the trees remaining looked dried out. That’s when you wished you had given Premium Wreaths by Christmas Farms a call.

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Winterberry: Putting the Red in Christmas Greenery


Wreaths and Christmas greenery are generally helped by a dash of a contrasting color. When we put together our Premium Christmas Wreaths here at Christmas Farms, one of our favorite ways to accent the green is with the bright red of the native winterberry plant, grown here in Michigan and across the American northeast.

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Is Christmas tree delivery right for you?


Why should I have my Christmas tree delivered?

That’s cheating, isn’t it?

For people who haven’t tried it, or even realized they could have a tree delivered, ordering a tree online and have it show up on your doorstep in a few days seems like an unauthorized shortcut in the season’s traditional if not mandatory hustle and bustle. They don’t think Santa would approve.

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Ancient Traditions Lead to Modern Christmas Wreaths

Christmas Wreath

Christmas and Advents wreaths are the essence of Christmas holiday traditions, though in fact, the tradition has been around longer than Christmas.

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Wreaths a Thoughtful yet Easy Gift for Business Connections

Christmas Gift idea

The Business Christmas-Gift List: It comes around every year, yet you annually agonize over what to give loyal customers and clients, or to valuable associates and employees. Do you fear your gifts look like afterthoughts (and admit it, maybe they are). Did some find last year’s gift a tad tasteless? Speaking of taste, how were you to know when you gave your biggest client a box of chocolates that he was going on a diet?

Are you looking upon filling this year’s list with dread?

Maybe your competition is filling her gift list with a single phone call or an online order to Premium Wreaths by Christmas Farms.

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How to Pick a Christmas Tree

how to pick a christmas tree

There are many articles on how to select a Christmas tree, but as a guy who has been involved with Christmas trees for a long time, I’d like to mention a few things that might make picking your tree more enjoyable.

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