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Boxwood Roping


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Boxwood is quickly becoming an extremely popular holiday decoration in many homes. It is being featured in many high-end holiday designs and home magazines. ChristmasFarms is now offering Boxwood roping to help you make your holiday decorating unique as well as beautiful. The Boxwood is a thin leaf plant and much less dense than a Douglas Fir tree. As a result, we characterize this item as a roping instead of garland, meaning it is narrower than a standard garland. It can easily be doubled back over itself if you would like to achieve a thick Boxwood strand. As a roping, it can easily be strung between holiday decorations, along banisters or used to accentuate window and door casings.

To order the desired length, use a quantity equal to the number of feet your desire. Example – If you would like 12 feet of garland, enter a quantity of 12.  Minimum length/quantity is 12.

Example – If you would like 20 feet of garland, enter a quantity of 20. Minimum length/quantity is 12 feet.


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