6 FT Fir Tree

6 ft Fir Tree

This is our 6 Foot Fir Christmas tree.  It will measure approximately 6 feet tall when measured from the base of the trunk to the tip of the top branch.

The Fir has become one of the most popular Christmas trees in recent years. It is considered by many people to be the most beautiful Christmas tree you can put in your home.

The color of a Fir is a deep green on the topside of the needle. The underside of the needle has a silver tint, and many people feel this gives the tree an additional glow when the Christmas lights are turned on. The needle are short, soft, and slightly rounded at the tip.

This is the tree selected by many families as it has the ability to stay fresh for the entire holiday season. From Thanksgiving through New Years, this tree will stay fresh and fragrant.

While considered to be a full tree, the branches leave enough space to allow you to hang your ornaments and lights somewhat on the inside of the tree, providing more depth in the tree’s appearance. The branches are firm and strong, and capable of holding just about any ornament or family heirloom.

Price: $159.99