Red Amaryllis

Here’s new idea to add more color and cheer to your holidays.  A Red Amaryllis is an excellent seasonal plant and will be loved by everyone.  Featuring multiple blooms that are 6-8 inches wide, these bulbs can be stored and replanted for future seasons.  Our kits include an Amaryllis bulb already potted in the soil.  They are easy to grow and fun to watch.  Just remove the pre-planted pot from the box and water, that’s it!  They come in full color box that will add some “WOW-Factor” for your gift giving.  Send one to your business associates and family members, and finish your holiday shopping early.

Priced at $23.99 with free delivery.  Limited number available, so place your order today and tell use where and when you would like it delivered.

Price: $23.99