Fraser Fir Christmas Tree


The Fraser Fir is what many people consider to be the classic Christmas tree. As a member of the Fir family of trees, it has some great characteristics that make it the most popular Christmas trees year after year.

The Fraser Fir has a symmetrical shape, almost looking like an upside down cone. Larger at the botton, narrower at the top, and very tapered. It is a very neat looking tree. The soft needles are short and uniform with a deep green color on the top of the needle, and a silverfish-blue color on the bottom side of the needle. The color of the underside almost gives this tree some extra glow when lights are added. The branches are strong, and offer an abundant, sweet fragrance.

The Fraser Fir is well known for having great needle retention. It is a great choice for those who like to put their tree up early in the season and enjoy it untul New Years. When properly cared for, this tree will stay fresh and beautiful, and drop a minimal number of needles.

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