Tree Comparison Chart

  • Fraser FirTapered and neat shape. Deep green needles w/silverish underside, excellent needle retention, and very popular. Capable of lasting from Thanksgiving to New Years. Ornaments can hang in the middle of the tree.
  • Balsam FirVery tradition smell, tapered, room between branches; very popular. Long time favorite of many.
  • Canaan FirBeautiful shape and appearance. Similar to the Fraser, but with the smell of a Balsam; the best of both trees. Excellent needle retention, soft to the touch. Good spacing between branches for ornaments.

  • Douglas FirDeep green, wider, bushier tree. Slight hint of oranges along with pine, will hold most ornaments.
  • Concolor FirVery unique appearance, enjoyed by many. Non-traditional appearance, but a very pretty tree.
  • Blue SpruceColor ranges from deep green to blueish hew. Very full and beautiful. Needles are sharp to touch. Dries out faster than a Fir. Good for about 3 weeks.

  • White PineVery long, soft, weepy needles. Tapered shape. Branches capable of holding light to medium weight ornaments.
  • Scotch PinePreviously one of the most popular trees. Branches are very compact, limited room to hang ornaments on the "inside" of the tree.